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"Let's escape from theimperfect real world to the virtual one, to make it perfect"

Why Us?

You seek not only a remedy for your problem but also the wisdom to prevent and resolve it in the future!

Our core values

The core values behind our work

Unique approach

We believe that there is no "one to rule them all" rule. We try to find the best fitting solution for your needs.



One of the core values that is deeply embedded in us. Knowledge needs to be shared, not kept as a secret.



Our team has hands-on experience with production environments from various industries in terms of size, and field - different types of businesses bring different challenges.


Professional certifications

All of our engineers are seasoned professionals with a set of industry certificates. These certificates serve as an acknowledgement of their acquired skills.

Our services

We offer services remotely or on-site upon agreement

The goal is to help our customers with their challenges at any stage of growth - from start-ups to enterprises. Many of the challenges that the cloud introduces require deep knowledge of the product, which is understandable. Thus, we believe that if you lack knowledge or resources, you need a strong partner that will guide you through the storm - Plectrum Engineering.



High-level architectural design of your environment covering technical and business aspects.



Collection and documentation of your systems, including its thorough analysis.



Build of your environment using the selected set of technologies until it is ready for deployments - knowledge sharing included.



Long-term, hands-on experience with various production environments translated into solutions for your needs.


DevOps Accelerator

Educational program to either bootstrap or level-up your platform/DevOps teams.



Your cloud costs explained and optimized - no more surprises.



Reliable partner on the bumpy road from on-premise to the clouds.


War Room

Leverage our knowledge and experience to help with the troubleshooting of your issues.


Collaboration with the university

One of our core values is education, which we have been committed to since 2015. We are proud to be partners with the University of Zilina, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics, where we teach engineering students about cloud technologies and the latest infrastructure industry trends.


Our technology stack


Feedback from our clients

"Plectrum Engineering designed and created Terraform IaC automation scripts for the deployment of our product, Cloud Cost Compression, to the AWS cloud environment. Additionally, they significantly assisted us in defining the onboarding procedure for our customers. We greatly appreciate the speed, quality, and flexibility of the cooperation, which helped us shorten the project preparation."

Petr Horcicka
Cloud Cost Compression co-founder


"I have known people from Plectrum Engineering for a few years, since their time at university, and I highly appreciate their knowledge in the field of DevOps and cloud systems, as well as their willingness to share it. Thanks to their activities, we manage our own academic community cloud. What is even more important is the fact that their initial enthusiasm, and interest in cloud solutions grew into a successful educational program which we offer to our students. Engineers from Plectrum Engineering are still active external lecturers who cooperate actively, professionally, and with a great attitude in our educational process in the field of clouds, Kubernetes, and topics related to DevOps. I truly appreciate all of this, and so do our students."

Prof.Ing. Pavel Segec, PhD.
Head of department of information networks


Frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us for more information.

A 45-minute kick-off meeting where we discuss your needs is completely free. Besides that, prices depend on the complexity of the project. Feel free to contact us or book your free initial meeting with us.

In this session, you will have the opportunity to meet the team, present your challenges, and discuss possibilities for our collaboration.

Yes, we provide both - remote and on-site. Although on-site services are always subject to agreement.

Our team has had hands-on experience with cloud technologies since 2014. Our experience spans small, medium, and large international projects. Every member of our team is skilled and certified in a specific area. We are open to helping you solve any technological challenge.

Here are examples of technologies in which we are highly experienced: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Helm, Terraform, Ansible, GitHub, GitLab. This list is, of course, non-exhaustive.

Not 24/7. We offer support to your teams upon request, for example, for complicated maintenance of critical infrastructure, system updates, etc.

We provide services worldwide. Our main time zone is CET/CEST, but we can accommodate all time zones by mutual agreement.