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About Plectrum Engineering

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Who are we?

Professional partner for your business no matter the size

Plectrum Engineering is a versatile partner for your business. We offer knowledge gained through hands-on experience in the field of infrastructure and DevOps practices that we have collected since 2014. Our team consists of certified professionals with experience ranging from start-ups to enterprises.

We understand that having a senior DevOps team can be challenging due to various reasons, such as budget constraints. Therefore, our goal is to assist clients where they lack knowledge or resources. Our expertise covers two major cloud providers (AWS, Azure) and the industry-standard tools of the DevOps/infrastructure world.

The company was founded in 2023 by Daniel and Samuel, based on the pillars of their long-term friendship, professional collaboration, and passion for infrastructure and modern technologies.

About founders
  • Daniel Rajcan

  • Daniel Rajcan
  • Co-founder
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  • I have been fascinated by cloud computing and team methodologies since my university studies. I was part of a professional IT team even before writing my master's thesis, where I designed and maintained network architecture as a network specialist. Networking and my extensive interest in IT innovations and progress were reflected in my master's thesis dedicated to Openstack, which I completed at the University of Zilina in 2015.

    The knowledge gained at university and active self-development of cloud technologies and DevOps were used at various small, medium, and large-sized companies with different technology stacks. Since my first job as a DevOps engineer, I quickly developed into the position of a multi-cloud architect, where I design and audit the implementation of customers' cloud architecture. I am part of the development teams where I come across hands-on realization regularly - my job is my hobby.

    In addition to this, I work closely with Samuel on cooperation with the University of Zilina (our Alma mater), where we actively educate about cloud computing. It brings me joy to see how cloud computing and related DevOps technologies become part of the daily life of individual students.

  • Samuel Hopko

  • Samuel Hopko
  • Co-founder
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  • My journey with cloud computing and DevOps started in 2014 at university with my master's thesis to provision OpenStack for the department's usage. It was back when the term "cloud" was still relatively unknown word, at least if you didn't work in meteorology. Since then, I have worked at medium-sized businesses, multinational corporations, and start-up companies. I have learned that each stage of a company introduces different challenges with different priorities. As a DevOps engineer and platform director, I have worked on technical tasks, architecture designs and proposals, led teams, and company-wide infrastructure transformation to follow infrastructure's best practices. Since 2015, I have regularly taught master's students at the University of Zilina, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics about cloud technologies and the latest industry trends.

Our professional certifications

Our team holds 15+ professional certifications as a proof of their expertise. Being certified with tools we use is one of the core values of Plectrum engineering.

AWS Solutions Architect Professional
AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
AWS Networking Specialty
AWS Security Specialty
AWS Solutions Architect Associate
AWS SysOps Administrator Associate
AWS Practitioner
Azure Solutions Architect
Azure Administrator
Azure Foundation
Terraform Associate
Hashicorp Consul
Kubernetes CKA
Kubernetes CKAD
ITILv3 Foundation